Spreading a Little Hope


Hope is a 23 year old who is very organized and always on the go. She loves all things Clemson, hanging out with friends, listening to music, hip hop and zumba dancing, and living on her own. She has an older and a younger brother who continue to “train” her how to be tough, as all brothers do.


Hope is a recent graduate of the ClemsonLIFE program at Clemson University and will return to Clemson in the fall to live independently and work at Mr. Knickerbockers and the All In Cafe’. She has been volunteering with the Lady Tigers basketball team for the past 4 years and will continue this role next season. When she is not working, Hope enjoys attending all the sporting events at Clemson, especially the football games. She also enjoys working out at 9Rounds Fitness and Kickboxing.

Hope volunteers with TOPS soccer and Challenger Baseball, being a buddy to younger kids with developmental disabilities. She also volunteers at Clemson Community Care, organizing items in the food pantry.  She travels around campus using the campus bus system, but also maintains a list of friends with cars…lucky them…that she contacts frequently.  Hope is also an advocate for the ClemsonLIFE program and has had numerous public speaking engagements across the state, creating awareness of this top postsecondary program in the country.

Hope loves living life with friends, making her own decisions, and working 2 jobs that she enjoys and that help support her.

What are her dreams?  What are her passions?  What does she envision for her life in the future?

When asked about her dreams by a fellow student 8 years ago, Hope replied,

“I want to go to Clemson, drive an orange Hummer and get married.”

Well, she just graduated from Clemson, is currently studying for her driver’s test and has taken some driving classes in a simulator, and has had several boyfriends.  I would say she’s on the road to living out those dreams.

As far as her passion and a more recent goal, Hope loves hip hop dancing and has informed us that she would like to run a hip hop studio for college students and charge them $10 per class. She, of course, would employ all of her ClemsonLIFE friends. This would be a way for Hope to dance, socialize with friends, and earn a little money all at the same time.  Stay tuned….

Hope has thrived on her own, not only because of the skills she’s been taught, but also because she has experienced sincere friendships and the pride and satisfaction of living independently and being able to contribute to her community through work and service.  No matter what our abilities are, we all need relationships, a chance to experience some independence and a place to contribute and serve. We all have the ability to spread a little hope around.



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