This past year of blogging has been a thrill for me, a step out in faith and being vulnerable—baring my struggles and joys as Hope continues her journey to independence.



I want to say “thank you” for sharing this journey with us. Now that Hope has graduated from Clemson and will be living there on her own in the fall, I have decided to take Spreading a Little Hope to the next level and pursue my passion for helping others achieve greater health.   My desire to pursue nutrition and health coaching was born out of watching Hope struggle early on with auto immunity, weight gain and skin issues. These struggles fueled my desire to help Hope and the special needs population become the healthiest version of themselves. In 2014 I completed a health coach certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC. I have volunteered with individuals and families since then, but have always wanted to create something bigger. As I’ve struggled with fear of failure, self-doubt and negative self-talk, I have been very close to shutting the door on this new pursuit. There is so much to learn, so many roadblocks with technology, plus—I’m 52. Isn’t this when I should be sitting back and kicking my shoes off?? What has kept me going is remembering that God uses all of our experiences for good and to impact others. He has given me Hope and our many stories to share with others, not keep them to ourselves. And now it’s time to use our stories and experiences in a broader capacity.

I will focus on educating and empowering women and special needs families how to live healthy lives. I invite you to continue this journey with us, as I will cover all topics related to health, natural solutions, and lifestyle choices. Please visit my website at to learn more about my programs. Of course, I will continue to include “Hope” stories as she supplies me with fabulous material.

I have no doubt that God is using my joys, my struggles and my journey as a woman and mother to educate and empower others to live an abundant life—one that is more balanced, healthy, full of gratitude and reliant on Him.

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