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Essential Oils

You may think that when you have an autoimmune disease there’s nothing you can do to improve your health, but there are actually things that are in your control.  With Hope and I both having an autoimmune disease, specifically Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I have found it necessary to continue to research our disease and find ways in which we can get to the root cause.  Consuming a whole foods diet and eliminating the foods that are most inflammatory have both been very helpful.


Removing the toxins that you put in your body or on your body is also a way to improve one’s health.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that US women put 168 chemicals on their body each day in the form of personal care products such as lotions, cleansers, shampoos, and makeup.  These chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream daily causing chaos to our hormones, organs, and overall health.

Essential oils provide a way to address our health needs and issues naturally.  What are essential oils?  They are the oils that are extracted from the roots, bark, leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers of plants that have therapeutic benefits and have for thousands of years.  Essential oils are very powerful and so effective that they are able to penetrate the cell membranes and work with the body to address root causes.  Some essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.  Others are great immune system boosters. Still others affect our moods and emotions and help us relax.

Replacing our toxic, chemical-laden self-care products with more natural solutions, including essential oils, is a way that Hope and I have had fun together creating some of our own DIY beauty products.

If you’d like to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, please click here.

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