Katie and Kayla Go Greek!

My heart is so full as I watch these girls pave the way for so many! What confidence and perseverance to be the 1st ClemsonLIFE gals to go through the sorority recruitment process. Thank you sororities for welcoming them with open arms. Your lives will be forever...


Recently, Hope and I had the privilege of attending the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Orlando. We were 2 of the over 4000 individuals in attendance—many of whom had Down syndrome. This is only our 4th convention in 23 years, although I wish we had...

Do You Have a Backup Plan?

One morning this summer, as I was preparing to leave the house for an appointment, Hope came in my room dressed in her workout clothes.  Her normal routine in the summertime has been to wake up, eat breakfast, work out at 9 Rounds, shower, eat lunch and ride her bike...

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Free Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

Free Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

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